Marc Lesnick
Marc Lesnick
Principal consultant


uttr® began as a conference on chatbots in 2016. In early 2017, we observed a developing change that was perceived as fundamental in how we interact with mobile devices.

It was always obvious talking is faster and easier than typing. In the past, the technological problem was accurate voice recognition. Today, the A.I. caught up.

Google's voice interactivity on mobile devices, particularly for search, performed better than Apple's SIRI, Amazon's Alexa and others. Among significant online merchants and marketers, we brainstormed the future of the net and mobile.

In early 2017, the technology was Google's and Google's only. The scenario for us then was simple: Google wins and takes over the net. The outlook was bleak for many websites and online businesses.

However, at the end of 2017, Google released DialogFlow. It is their AI & chatbot available for implementation on 3 rd party websites and apps. That represented a game changer: now anyone can have a voice interactive site with the same level of artificial intelligence as Google.

When we implemented it, we saw just how difficult it was. We realized most businesses could not handle the steep learning curve and the time required to add and monitor it.

We decided to offer our experience as a service to others that view the importance of including voice interactivity for the future of their site.

ABOUT uttr®

We've been involved with internet oriented businesses since 2003.

Marc Lesnick is the President of Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. and an experienced entrepreneur, mentor and idea generator. Marc has a hands-on, in-depth and vast experience in various spheres of online business. He also organizes niche-oriented business management and marketing events for the online and mobile industries.

Mr. Lesnick has written for numerous internet publications and has been mentioned in The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Barrons, National Public Radio, Business Week, Time Magazine, BBC4 Radio, San Francisco Chronicle and others. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, especially at internet related events.

Elena Lesnick is a Business Development professional with over 17 years of project management, product management, content management, sales experience.

She has developed a number of successful online projects from an idea to their finalization. She also is experienced in website promotion through social media channels and content marketing.