► Initial Consultation:

An initial discussion includes elements you wish to have audio interactivity with your online presence. We analyze your website for the elements of your app/site we see that have the most importance (ex: an order page).

► Project/Work Estimation:

We provide an estimate on the project. It includes the timelines, milestones, expected delivery dates and costs.

► Confirmation:

The project is verified by both sides via contract and a start date is agreed upon.

► Part I: Flowcharts, Keywords and Statements:

The main keywords, questions and verbal statements for each page are discussed and a flowchart is created.

► Part II: Initial setup

Accounts are created. A basic SDK (for mobile) or API (for desktop) is created for testing.

► Part II: Revision:

Keywords, questions and statements for each page are retested several times. (This will continue throughout the project).

► Part III: Implementation:

Once testing shows voice interactivity results are acceptable, the SDK or API are implemented onto the app/site.

***We code with "switches." At any time, with a change of one line, the entire voice interactivity for the site/app can be enabled/disabled and the user will not see or hear it. This eliminates many hours of work in adjusting the app/site for updates, errors, etc.

► Part IV: Re-Testing:

Voice interactivity requires constant retesting. We will test and monitor the activity to ensure the accuracy of the user's desired result.

► Part V: Client Review:

Deliverables are shown for final approval.

professional online business SUPPORT

You are at uttr® because you recognize that voice interactivity with mobile and desktop devices is here and represents a significant future. We agree. Your users should be able to use with only their voice the ability to :

► Search

► Order & Pay

► Write / Comment

► Vote

► Share

► Navigate, Scroll and Select

► Cancel / Go Back

► Play

Google's audio interactive technology is second to none on the market. While offered to the public, it is difficult to implement and manage. It is highly technical and an arduous process. There is a significant learning curve, and can drain the time management of even some of the top technology firms.

Uttr® will add Google's voice interactive functionality to your online business. Mobile, desktop or both.



The result should be an app or website that is voice interactive. Without typing, or touching a screen, users should be able to navigate, inquire, select and buy.

Having this functionality puts your site or app ahead of others. The ease of use should result in repeat use. It should also improve your search presence.

With a technically strong, motivated and passionate team of professionals, our goal is to transform your online presence and make you ahead of the curve.

We are available both on the phone and in person.

Contact us today at:

Tel: +1 (212) 722 1744

Email: info-21@uttr.com