One Two Three Pipeline

Three minutes max, two people, one marketing idea to impact pipeline. Select from our marketing leaders below who share their tactical idea to impact pipeline.

Strategic growth through building audience community

Melissa Moody, founder of Matcha, shares her hot take on community building - not every company should be building *A* community, but any brand or product can work to build community. There's a difference.

The Power of Authenticity through Influencer Marketing

Elana Ostrega, Durable's Head of Marketing, discusses why authentic, trusted influencer marketing is a core part of their brand marketing strategy.

Ecosystem Selling: Working with & through partners

Derek Edwards, VP at Tatango shares steps for selecting, approaching and collaborating with the right partners to build profitable relationships.

Creative as your competitive advantage

Jay Bertram, former president of TBWA Canada & Latin America, reveals how innovative creative strategies can distinguish your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Maximizing your ABM strategy with AI

Charlie Liang, reveals how AI can boost your ABM efforts by automating manual tasks and creating more relevant outreach.

Optimizing outbound with contextual messaging and AI

Puneeth Ghodgeri, Encamp's VP of Marketing, explains how AI tools and contextual messaging can strengthen outbound efforts by targeting the right prospects and delivering personalized messages.

Using quizzes to uncover new insights

Gen Furukawa, founder of SuperMarketers, explains how quizzes can be used to inform and tailor a more effective top-of-funnel prospect strategy.

Founder thought leadership

Ryan Peterson, Head of Marketing at Whimsical, shares how founder-driven content creates authentic connections, leading to new revenue opportunities.

Media Partnerships and Nurturing Tactics

Explore how specialized media partnerships and nurturing can enhance pipeline growth, featuring Scott Molloy, Demand Gen Director at Medable.

Advocates as Pipeline Creators

Boost your pipeline by converting top customers into advocates with Beth McKinnon, Marketing Head at Crypto Tax Calculator.

Impacting Pipeline via Email Marketing

Explore email marketing's role in boosting pipeline growth with Celine, Fractional CMO.

Creating Intent for Outbound Targets

Learn to create intent for outbound targets with Garrett Gomez, Chief of Staff and Marketing Lead at Datch.