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Working at UTTR

A fully remote team. Work from anywhere

Flexi-fridays for a healthy work-life balance

Opportunities for growth and development

Exposure to a variety of high-growth tech firms

A diverse team, working eight timezones

Perks & benefits

vacation policy
New shiny work
Flat structure
Team member
holiday gifts
Bespoke training
Refer a friend
speaker series

culture & values

Our strength is our people
Always improving as individuals and teams
Our client’s success fuels our actions
Creativity is the oxygen of our growth
We pride ourselves on direct communication
UTTR's team posing in front of a boat

Our story

UTTR stands for "up & to the right". For those in marketing and tech, this direction often signifies growth and success on a graph.

For us, it resonates on multiple dimensions - it's the trajectory we envision for our clients in their outcomes, our aspiration for agency growth, and the path we hope every team member carves for their own career.

Working at UTTR has been a dream job come true. From great clients and projects, to a wonderful team, working here is bliss. The best part is the flexibility to work from anywhere that works for you: your couch, your friend’s couch or a couch on the other side of the world. It’s all about getting the work done and having fun while doing it.

Senior Designer
Mikaila Keeves

What I’ve enjoyed most about working with UTTR is the people - it’s been an incredible experience to be surrounded by a diverse team of digital marketing specialists who bring their own unique perspective to the business. I feel privileged to work alongside and learn from my colleagues in such a friendly environment.

Revenue Ops Director
Taylor Spallino

Working at UTTR feels like a privilege. I get to team up with inspiring AI innovators and tech leaders. My clients are on the rise and deeply passionate about their work. Their energy keeps me pumped to support them daily. At UTTR, personal and professional growth naturally intertwine, making it an exciting place to be.

Marketing Director
Bilal Benghomrani

The knowledge sharing, personal growth, calibre of clients and people, make it one of the most rewarding work environments I've ever had. Being able to embed ourselves as the trusted marketing team in rapidly growing startups is exhilarating as a performance specialist. The music, memes and banter make it that much sweeter.

Performance Marketing Director
Michael Southey

Working remotely has reignited my love for travel, I feel fortunate to be able to grow my marketing expertise in B2B tech space while exploring the world. Being a part of a company scaling so quickly and successfully with like-minded people has fuelled my growth as an employee and a leader which I feel immensely grateful for.

Senior Project Manager
Zoe Cronin

I am thrilled to be a part of the UTTR team! Extremely talented people to learn from, interesting clients who truly appreciate the solutions we provide, and a culture that motivates you to grow in your role are three aspects that I appreciate about being here. Definitely the best place I've worked at so far.

Revenue Ops Specialist
Josué Berrospi Freytez

Working at UTTR, a fully remote company, has been life-changing. I cherish the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime—be it my garden with my dog, a cafe, another country, day or night. I am so much more productive then I ever was and I don’t have to run errands or commute during peak hours.

Sandra Domazet

The founder is awesome - I’d have a beer with him or two.

Sam Viskovich
Nine countries in eight timezones
Eight languages spoken
Founded in New Zealand and spanning the globe

Our perfect candidate

Self-starter motivated to learn and do great work.
Hustles - sees the bigger picture but isn't afraid to get into the marketing weeds.
Highly organized to keep up in the ever changing remote & tech world.
A humble and honest team player.

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