Performance Marketer Manager

UTTR is on the lookout for a performance marketer manager. Are you someone who knows how to drive outcomes from paid advertising? Do you have a deep understanding of Google Ads, LinkedIn and Meta? Then this role may be for you.


  • Deeply understand audiences : We work across the B2B world, in a diverse range of industries and niches. You need to be able to quickly understand each audience in order to recommend relevant advertising campaigns
  • Campaign creation excellence: You will be responsible for building campaigns start to finish. We’re looking for someone that doesn’t take shortcuts, but knows how to correctly follow set up processes (think naming conventions)
  • Drive outcomes (pipeline): All of our engagements are OKR or goal based. Our clients expect us to hit targets and you will be the ultimate owner for some of those targets. You should have confidence in your ability to run paid campaigns that impact sales pipeline
  • Always testing : Great results come from always learning. You’ll be in charge of setting up new tests on a daily basis
  • Daily optimizations and management: Every dollar counts for our client. You’ll take pride in managing budgets and making optimizations every day
  • Team vibes: Collaborate with other departments to drive client outcomes. This includes revenue operations, creative and copywriting
  • Analyze and speak to data: You will review your campaign performance, determine what changes need to be made to drive improvement. You’ll translate data and metrics into clear insights for our clients
  • Manage external relationships : You’ll be the main point of contact for our clients. Building rapport, maintaining transparency and working to their style

What you’ll bring:

  • Digital know-how: Extensive experience with Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Meta Ads
  • Experience matters: 5 years of paid media channel experience and a 2-year stint in the B2B world
  • Systems knowledge: You should have a basic understanding of Hubspot or similar marketing automation tools
  • Self-starter: You’re positive and proactive
  • Analytical thinking: Dissect the numbers to uncover the story
  • Communicate with confidence: You excel at creating engaging presentations with minimal guidance

Working Hours:

  • We don’t care where or when you work, but you need to have a majority overlap with EST or PST. 

Why work at UTTR?

  • Learn: We’ve worked with 100s of startups and know what works. Learn our playbook and practice it across multiple companies. You’ll fast forward your learnings by years
  • Do impactful work: Your work will directly drive the success of multiple companies depending on your expertise
  • Anywhere & everywhere: You choose your workstation with our global remote team
  • Cultural mosaic: Our team is as varied as it gets, and we love it
  • Flexi-Fridays: Days off dedicated to you!
  • Grow:  We are an ambitious company, continuing to grow which means more opportunities and growth for you too
  • Tech industry exposure: Work with a variety of high-growth startup clients

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Ready to bring your operations magic to UTTR? Apply now 👉
Ready to bring your operations magic to UTTR? Apply now 👉