Revenue Operations Manager

UTTR is on the lookout for a dynamic Revenue Operations Manager to assist in the expansion of our fractional revenue operations services. As UTTR's RevOps account manager and project owner, you will champion client engagements while reporting directly to the VP of RevOps.


  • Strategic Advice: Provide clients with best practices and insights to polish their marketing and sales operations processes
  • Client Engagement: Manage roadmap priorities and day-to-day solutions by coordinating with multiple client stakeholders
  • Technical Solutions: Transform client needs into scalable technical solutions, emphasizing superior user experience
  • Revenue Funnel Management: Oversee the entire revenue funnel, from lead scoring to sales forecasts
  • Account Management: Oversee settings, integrations, database structures, and everything in between
  • Campaign Management : Develop and manage marketing assets and workflows in Hubspot
  • Functional Support : Implement automation for evolving business needs, assist users, and undertake routine tasks in the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Data Analysis: Extract and interpret key insights, translating them into actionable outcomes
  • Issue Resolution: Address and resolve system issues in a flash

This role will also be an integral part of the agency development in the digital space.

What You'll Bring to UTTR:

  • A minimum of 5 years' experience with marketing and sales automation systems, ideally Hubspot and Salesforce
  • Strong internal communication and persuasion skills
  • Proven analytical prowess, with proficiency in Google Sheets and Excel
  • A methodical and detail-oriented approach, as well as a strong ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to communicate ideas crystal-clearly both orally and in writing
  • Taking charge and maintaining an upbeat disposition

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise with B2B SaaS systems in the past
  • Fluency in SQL or SOQL
  • Experience using Reverse ETL tools and/or automated data pipelines
  • Experience developing compensation strategies or managing performance payouts

Why Join UTTR?

  • Global Mobility: Work from any location while adhering to EST working hours.
  • Growth Potential: Be a part of a new division in a rapidly expanding startup where we encourage growth
  • Diverse Crew: Engage with a dynamic multicultural team. The best in the business.
  • Flexi-Fridays: For a balanced work-life approach
  • Client Exposure: Work with a variety of high-growth startup clients

Are you ready to collaborate on the next chapter of our new revenue operations goals? Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!

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