Revenue Operations Specialist

UTTR is on the hunt for a Revenue Operations Specialist. If you're the kind who thrives in the intricate world of marketing and sales operations, this role may be right for you.

Ready to manage, execute, and innovate across our diverse client base? Let’s roll.


  • Strategic recommendations: Offer superior advice to clients, helping them smooth out and level up their marketing and sales processes
  • Client collaboration: Work with various client stakeholders, maintain strong relations and ensure everyone's on the same page and their needs are prioritized
  • Implement solutions: Roll out new systems, processes or quick updates within our clients’ tooling. Complete with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency

Daily Hubspot and Salesforce Support

  • Account Configuration: Oversee account-level settings, integrations, database setup, profiles, permissions, record types, page layouts, object updates, and the like
  • Campaign execution (HS): Develop and manage marketing essentials like forms, landing pages, emails, and workflows
  • Functional administration (SF): Whip up automations as business needs evolve, stay in touch with end users, and juggle other routine tasks
  • Reports & insights: Extract meaningful insights and make them actionable
  • Issue handling: If there’s a system glitch, you're on it

What You'll Bring to the Table:

  • Tool expertise: Got hands-on experience with Hubspot and Salesforce? Brilliant!
  • Analytical edge: A knack for digging deep into data and making sense of numbers. You should not be afraid of excel
  • Organized & meticulous: You understand that every detail matters
  • Clear and direct communication: Straightforward, direct communication is crucial in remote companies. Can you manage up and across an org?
  • Proactive positivity: Can you spot challenges? Great. Let's find solutions
  • B2B SaaS know-how: If you understand the B2B SaaS terrain, even better

Why Make UTTR Your Playground?

  • Learn: We’ve worked with 100s of startups and know what works. Learn our playbook and practice it across multiple companies. You’ll fast forward your learnings by years
  • Do impactful work: Your work will directly drive the success of multiple companies depending on your expertise
  • Anywhere & everywhere: You choose your workstation with our global remote team
  • Cultural mosaic: Our team is as varied as it gets, and we love it
  • Flexi-Fridays: Days off dedicated to you!
  • Grow: We are an ambitious company, continuing to grow which means more opportunities and growth for you too
  • Tech industry exposure: Work with a variety of high-growth startup clients

Ready to bring your operations magic to UTTR? Apply today.

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Ready to bring your operations magic to UTTR? Apply now 👉
Ready to bring your operations magic to UTTR? Apply now 👉