ABM in 2024:
How It’s Changed

The strategy and tactics for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) have evolved more in the last six months than in any equivalent period.

Join us on Tuesday, August 6th at 1 PM ET to gain key insights into these changes and how to adapt your ABM strategy for success in 2024.

  • Tech Stack: New technologies have expanded the potential tech stack to choose from. What tools are needed to have vs nice to have?

  • Targeting & Advertising: Great ABM campaigns are fueled by the ability to target effectively. We will explore how to build your account list, and run effective advertising campaigns to reach them.

  • Reporting: Measuring the true impact of ABM campaigns is never straightforward. We cover the different reporting methods and tools you can leverage to understand lift and ROI.

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  • Sam Viskovich

    CMO at UTTR

  • Alan Zhao

    Cofounder & Head of Customers at Warmly.ai

  • Marcos Sanchez

    Growth Marketing at Oscilar Inc